Cladding by Stone Designs

Cladding at the Hillcrest Hospital by Stone DesignsStone Designs specializes in both synthetic cladding as well as natural stone cladding. All stone masons are highly skilled to work with almost any stone. Products range from Sandstone, Quartzite, slate, local stone.

Natural stone does not fade and adds another dimension to any home/building. Once can change the look of the stone just by changing the installation style (sophistication/ruggedness/sleek look). Many homeowners are either using natural stone on new buildings or simply enhancing an existing home. We supply and install, no job is too small.

We take great pride in the unsurpassed quality of our workmanship and ensuring customer satisfaction. Based on this qualities we receive many repeat clients as well as referrals from happy customers.

Multicoloured paving by Stone DesignsOutdoor Boma are by Stone designs